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Goals of the Teacher’s Guide


We have put together a series of activities that supplement the presentation Qwalena, allowing educators to provide appropriate front loading and follow up lessons. The purpose of these activities stem from not only the new mandated policy and call to incorporate Indigenous worldview and perspective in each curricular area, but also the many discussions about how to include unique Indigenous content in classrooms.  In order for teachers to develop and implement curriculum about and on Indigenous peoples that is accurate and true in nature, both teacher and student must work through the process of acknowledging, disrupting, and seeking a new perspective. 

Our goal in this teacher’s guide is to create interactive activities that enhance a student’s ability to acknowledge dominant discourse, dismantle stereotypes, and seek a more accurate understanding.

It is important that educators develop activities placing students at the center of the learning experience. Educators must also create activities that cater to a variety of learning styles so that oral, visual, and kinesthetic learners can engage in the learning experience in meaningful ways.

Special thanks to Meagan Innes, SD 41, for your collaboration and development of this Teacher’s Guide. We greatly appreciate your professional working knowledge of incorporating Indigenous world views and curriculum in the classroom. This was not possible without  your input, guidance and effort.

Teacher’s Guide Activities:

Activity 1   Activity 2   Activity 3   Activity 4

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